Siren Mermaid Tails

Swimmable mermaid Tails

 Whether you’re looking for a mermaid costume tail or a mermaid tail you can really swim in our great selection of mermaid tails and matching tops will help you make any girl’s mermaid wish come true.  Get free shipping in the United States on all orders over $100.

One of our goals in creating this site and these amazing mermaid tails is to raise money for childhood cancer research. 10% of the proceeds of every sale made at  Siren Mermaid Tails will go to help fund this life saving research. To learn more about us and why we support this cause click here.

Siren Mermaid Tails are real swimmable mermaid tails. It takes time to learn how to swim like a mermaid. Be patient and be safe.  We recommend even seasoned swimmers start in shallow water where the mermaid can easily touch the bottom until the mermaid tail swimming motion is learned and mastered.

All the headbands shown in the pictures were made by Funny Girl Designs.

NOTE: Siren Mermaid Tails are real mermaid tails for swimming. Children are never to be left unattended while wearing Siren Mermaid Tails.  Never use without adult supervision.

Sirenmermaid tails is not currently accepting orders